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Passion For Plantation

Iris (Phalaenopsis) Orchid Flower, Perennial Flower

Iris (Phalaenopsis) Orchid Flower, Perennial Flower

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There is a Greek legend associated with Iris flowers, as with several other forms of flowers. Iris was the name of a Greek goddess who was a Zeus and Hera courier bearing the messages on the arc of the rainbow.

Royals throughout history also loved the flowers of Iris. In Egypt, the iris flower designs have also been found in Egyptian palaces as decorations on the scepter of the pharaoh depicting victory and power. Egyptian kings are known to have been drawn to the elegance of the plant.

Planting Instructions:

  1. Soak seeds in water for about 12 hours. This will soften the seed coat and make it easier for the water to penetrate.
  2. Place the soaked seeds into a container with a moistened paper towel or cotton wool.
  3. The container should be covered with plastic wrap and placed in a warm, dark area.
  4. After about two weeks, you should see roots starting to grow from the bottom of the seed.
  5. At this point, you can plant your phalaenopsis seedling into soil or moss and place it in a bright area with indirect sunlight.
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