100Pcs White Carnation Flower Seeds, White Flower

100Pcs White Carnation Flower Seeds, White Flower

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How to germinate?

First, make sure you have a container with drainage holes.

Fill the container with potting soil and wet it thoroughly. You can use a water bottle to pour water into the potting mix until it is evenly moistened. After filling your container, place your carnation seeds on top of the moistened soil and lightly cover them with more soil so they are about 1/4-inch below the surface.

Next, place your pot in indirect light where they will be able to grow for several days before moving them into direct sunlight or artificial light.

Carnations often need a few hours of full sun and should be kept moist. Do not over-water, as this can make the leaves yellow. Spent flowers should be immediately removed to facilitate continued blooming.

For full growing instructions, click here.

Bonus Option Includes:

200 x White Carnation Seeds

20 x Bonus Mystery Seeds (Worth $7)