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Passion For Plantation

20Pcs Black Timor Bamboo Bambusa Seeds

20Pcs Black Timor Bamboo Bambusa Seeds

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Black Timor Bamboo has black stems that are shiny and green leaves that hang down. Black Timor Bamboo can grow very tall, like a building. It is a beautiful plant that people like to grow in their gardens.

To plant the seeds, you need to prepare some soil in a pot. The soil should be loose and rich with compost. You can make compost from old leaves and food scraps. You need to make a small hole in the soil and put one seed inside. Then you need to cover the seed with some soil and water it gently. You need to keep the soil moist but not wet.

You need to put the pot in a sunny place where it can get enough light and warmth. You also need to protect the pot from animals and insects that might eat the seed or the young plant. You need to wait for a few weeks until you see a green shoot coming out of the soil. That means your Black Timor Bamboo is growing!

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