Platinum Grade Bonsai Scissors

Platinum Grade Bonsai Scissors

Passion For Plantation
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Material: Allow steel
Overall length: 19cm
Edge Hardness: HRC55
Warranty: 20 Years

"Good scissors don't damage the trees that much because the cut is clean"

Masakazu Yoshikawa - Master Bonsai Craftsman

High Quality Materials

Our scissors are made entirely of alloy steel, which has a strength between 758-1882 MPa. Alloy steel is formed by mixing other elements to enhance their mechanical properties, hardening the steel making the alloy steel more durable and resistant to corrosion

Certified Toughness

Our scissors have an edge hardness of HRC55, a high hardness level for industrial applications. It can withstand dense branches and will not be damaged so easily

Exquisite Craftsmanship

All our scissors are crafted with top quality craftsmanship. All scissors are marked and signed as proof of quality. You can expect it to last and perform for decades.