Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer only applies to seeds in the flower collection.
  2. This offer is only valid when none of the plants are blooming flowers.
  3. 15 weeks is defined as 105 calendar days.
  4. 15 weeks is the default time frame unless otherwise specified in the product page.
  5. Customer will have to upload proof photo of seeds being planted and add it in the product review. 15 weeks countdown will start on day of review upload.
  6. Customer will have to make a second review two weeks after the first review to show proof of germination.
  7. Additional $10 will be given when both reviews are rated 5 stars.
  8. All reimbursements will be made in the form of store credits.
  9. If plant does not bloom on the 150th day, customer will have to take photos of the plants alongside a piece of newspaper that is dated at least 150 days from the submission of first review.
  10. Photo must show at least 40% of the seed quantity purchased. (e.g. if 100 seeds were purchased, photo must show at least 40 plants that were unable to bloom)
  11. Photo will have to submitted to admin@passionforplantation.com with the 3 required photos and order ID.
  12. This offer is only valid for plants that has no visible flower buds.