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Passion For Plantation

10 Seeds Japanese Sakura Plantas Oriental Cherry Blossom Bonsai Plant

10 Seeds Japanese Sakura Plantas Oriental Cherry Blossom Bonsai Plant

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Japanese Sakura is a kind of cherry blossom tree that grows in Japan. It has pink or white flowers that bloom in spring. They look like fluffy clouds on the branches. People in Japan love to see the Sakura flowers and have picnics under the trees. They call it hanami, which means flower viewing.

But did you know that you can grow your own sakura tree at home? Yes, you can! All you need are some sakura seeds, a pot, some soil, and some water.

After receiving our seeds, you need to prepare the seeds for germination.

Germination Instructions

To make the seeds germinate, you need to break their dormancy. Dormancy means when a seed is asleep and does not grow. To break their dormancy, you need to put them in the fridge for about three weeks. This will make them think that winter is over and spring is coming.

To do this, you need to put the seeds in a plastic bag with some moist paper towels or peat moss. Make sure the bag has some holes for air. Then put the bag in the fridge and wait for three weeks. Check on them once in a while and make sure they are moist but not wet.

Check for Sprouts

After three weeks, you can take out the seeds and see if they have sprouted. If they have sprouted, congratulations! You are ready to plant them.

If they have not sprouted, don't worry. You can try to help them by soaking them in warm water for 24 hours. Then put them back in the fridge for another month and check again.

Planting your Seedlings

Once your seeds have sprouted, you can plant them in a pot with some good potting soil. Make sure the pot has drainage holes at the bottom. Plant each seed about one inch deep and cover it with soil. Water it well and put it in a sunny spot.

Caring For Sakura Seedlings

Now you need to take care of your Sakura seedling.
  • Water it regularly but not too much.
  • Fertilize it once a month with some organic fertilizer.
  • Prune it once a year to make it grow better.
Seeing Your First Bloom
It will take up to 2 years for your sakura tree to produce its first bloom. But don't give up! It will be worth it when you see the beautiful blossoms in spring every single year after that!

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