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Passion For Plantation

100Pcs Tuscan Blue Rosemary Herb Seeds

100Pcs Tuscan Blue Rosemary Herb Seeds

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Tuscan Blue Rosemary is a kind of rosemary that has beautiful blue flowers and a nice smell. It is also very good for cooking.

Germination Instructions

First, you need to prepare some soil. You can use any kind of potting soil that is good for herbs. You can also mix some sand or perlite into the soil to make it more airy and well-drained. The soil should be moist but not wet. You can use a spray bottle to water the soil lightly.

Sowing the Seeds

You can use a small pot or a seed tray for this. You can also use an egg carton or a yogurt cup with some holes at the bottom. Just make sure the container has good drainage. You can fill the container with soil and then sprinkle some seeds on top. You don't need to cover the seeds with soil. Just press them gently into the soil with your finger.

Choosing a Location

You need to place the container in a warm and sunny spot. You can put it near a window or under a grow light. The temperature should be around 21°C (70°F). The seeds need light to germinate, so don't cover them with anything. You also need to keep the soil moist but not soggy. You can mist the soil every day or every other day with water.

Wait For the Seeds to Sprout

This can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. You will see tiny green shoots coming out of the soil. Congratulations! You have successfully germinated your Tuscan Blue Rosemary seeds.

Transplanting Them

Now you can transplant them into bigger pots or into your garden when they are about 10 cm (4 inches) tall. You can also prune them to keep them bushy and compact. You can enjoy their lovely flowers and fragrance all year round. And don't forget to harvest some leaves for your cooking.

Happy gardening!

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