10Pcs Rare Blue Stargazer Heart Lily Seeds

10Pcs Rare Blue Stargazer Heart Lily Seeds

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Everyone is in love with lilies. With its large, showy blooms, lilies add striking elegance to the yard and garden from early to midsummer. Lilies are perennial flowers that return year after year and require minimal care, provided you plant them in the right place.

The lilies have six plain or strikingly marked tepals ('petals') and are often trumpet-shaped, sitting on a tall, erect stem with narrow, long, lance-shaped leaves. They come in many beautiful colors, including pink, blue, red, orange, and white.

Planting Instructions:

  1. Soak seeds in water for 24 hours
  2. Prepare the soil by adding compost or manure to it and then mix it well with the soil.
  3. Plant the seeds in a pot or container with drainage holes at least six inches deep.
  4. Fill the pot with soil, leaving about an inch from the top of the pot empty for water drainage.
  5. Cover seeds with about one inch of soil and pat down firmly to ensure good contact between seed and soil.
  6. Water thoroughly until water drains out of the drainage

Bonus Option Includes:

20 x Blue Lily Bulb Seeds

20 x Bonus Mystery Seeds (Worth $7)