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Passion For Plantation

10Pcs Hops (Humulus lupulus) Seeds, Brew Your Own Beer, Easy To Plant

10Pcs Hops (Humulus lupulus) Seeds, Brew Your Own Beer, Easy To Plant

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Hops are flowers (also known as seed cones or strobiles) of the hop plant Humulus lupulus. They are used primarily as a bitter, aromatic, and stabilizing agent in beer, to which, in addition to bitterness, they impart floral, fruity, or citrus flavorings.

Germinating hops seeds is a process that can take anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on the variety of hops and the temperature at which they are being grown.

Planting Instructions:

  1. Soak seeds in water for 24 hours. This will soften the seed coat and make it easier for the seed to absorb water.
  2. Place the seeds in a container with moist soil and cover them with a thin layer of soil.
  3. Keep them at room temperature (70-75 degrees Fahrenheit) 
  4. Once you see sprouts coming out of the soil, it's time to transplant them into pots or directly into your garden bed.

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