20Pcs Coral Bells (Heuchera americana) Flower Seeds

20Pcs Coral Bells (Heuchera americana) Flower Seeds

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The native coral bells variety (Heuchera americana) is a hardy plant that is well suited to almost any environment. Useful in borders, in rock gardens, and as a ground cover. Coral bells leaves are its standout attribute, coming in a range of colors such as lime, rust and burgundy. But although the leaves are reminiscent of coleus, the plant is a perennial, year after year, returning to the garden.

Bonus Option Includes:

20 x Coral Bells Seeds

20 x Bonus Mystery Seeds (Worth $7) 

How to plant ?

  1. Fill seeds in warm water for 24 hours
  2. Fill seeds in cold water for 72 hours.
  3. Put seeds in wet soil for 1.5cm cover with plastic
  4. Water every day , the seeds will sprout in 15 days.

Now Please feel free to enjoy our flowers.