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Passion For Plantation

20Pcs King Watermelon Seeds

20Pcs King Watermelon Seeds

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The King watermelon is a type of watermelon that is known for its bright red flesh and thick dark green skin. The flesh has a sweet taste and the skin has a thick texture. The King watermelon seed is less common than other types of watermelon.

Watermelons grow best in warm weather and require an abundance of sunlight to grow well. It can take up to three months for them to ripen on the vine, but they will only last about three days after being picked or cut open if they are not refrigerated.

How to germinate

First, you will need two plastic or glass containers. One will be used for soaking the seeds and the other for planting them later in potting soil. Fill the container with water and soak seeds for up to two days, changing out the water every 12 hours or when needed.

Next, transfer your soaked seeds into the planting container, which should have moist potting soil already in it. Be sure to cover them over with at least an inch of potting soil so they can grow roots and breakthrough smoothly when they are ready to plant outside later on in springtime.

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