20Pcs Multi Color Bougainvillea Flower Seeds

20Pcs Multi Color Bougainvillea Flower Seeds

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Bougainvillea comes from the Nyctaginaceae family. It is a tropical and subtropical ornamental flower and can grow up to 7 meters tall. Its small, cream-coloured flowers are trumpet shaped and occur in threes. Large colourful bracts, commonly mistaken for petals, surround these and help to attract pollinators. Common colours of these bracts include magenta, purple, white, orange and crimson, though ‘rainbow’ coloured Bougainvillea, with flowers of two colours on the same plant, are also often seen today as well.

How to plant ?

  1. Fill seeds in warm water for 24 hours
  2. Fill seeds in cold water for 72 hours.
  3. Put seeds in wet soil for 1.5cm cover with plastic
  4. Water every day , the seeds will sprout in 15 days.

Now Please feel free to enjoy our flowers.