Japanese Red spider lily / Higanbana Flower Seeds. 20Pcs

Japanese Red spider lily / Higanbana Flower Seeds. 20Pcs

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Red spider lily is native to Asia's bright summer flowers. The legend is that those flowers grow anywhere people part their ways. They are connected to last goodbyes. The red spider lily in the old Buddhist scriptures takes the dead to Samsara, the resurrection circle. Red spider lily is often used for funerals, but often without these connotations.

Bonus Option Includes:

20 x Japanese Red spider lily Seed

20 x Bonus Mystery Seeds (Worth $7)

How to plant?

In order to break down the hard outer coat of the seed, you must soak it in water for 5-10 minutes. You should then plant it near a heat source so that the seed can germinate.

The lily seeds are one of the most difficult types of seeds to grow but they are rewarding when successful. They take approximately 6 weeks to fully bloom and will be able to take care of themselves after that point.