Wooden Handle Plant Seed Cultivation Hole Punch

Wooden Handle Plant Seed Cultivation Hole Punch

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Material: Wood + Stainless Steel

Size: 3 cm x 12 cm x 28 cm

1 x Wooden Handle Plant Seed Cultivation Hole Punch

EFFICIENT SEEDING & PLANTING: It features a sharp tip, this enables smooth and easy entry into the soil, allowing you to make consistent holes for your seeds. Ideal garden tool for labor-saving and joyful sowing garden time.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: This garden tool is a combination of wooden handle and stainless steel tip, strong and sturdy, the stainless steel tip is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, it remains intact even after multiple uses.

COMFORTABLE HANDLE: Built with a smooth surface and T-shaped handle, very easy to use and comfortable to hold, this handle fits the palm better, making it easy to focus your strength on the palm.

SIMPLE OPERATION: Just simply put the tip down and make the appropriate hole in the soil. Not only can be applied for digging seeding, but also for digging & fertilizing around plants, complete soil loosening, transplanting, and weeding faster.